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(Of course, if the encoding information was wrong, it will be looking up glyphs for the wrong characters.) A given font will usually cover a single character set, or in the case of a large character set like Unicode, just a subset of all the characters in the set.If your font doesn't have a glyph for a particular character, some browsers or software applications will look for the missing glyphs in other fonts on your system (which will mean that the glyph will look different from the surrounding text, like a ransom note).(Ideally, you would use UTF-8 throughout, and be spared this trouble.) The links below provide some further reading on these topics. Unicode code point values are typically written in the form U 00E9. These character sets contain fewer than 256 characters and map code points to byte values directly, so a code point with the value 233 is represented by a single byte with a value of 233.Note that code point numbers are commonly expressed in hexadecimal notation - ie. Note that it is only the context that determines whether that byte represents either .ASCII defined 128 different alphanumeric characters that could be used on the internet: numbers (0-9), English letters (A-Z), and some special characters like ! ANSI (Windows-1252) was the original Windows character set, with support for 256 different character codes.ISO-8859-1 was the default character set for HTML 4.

Content authors need to find out how to declare the character encoding used for the document format they are working with.Otherwise you will typically see a square box, a question mark or some other character instead.For example: As a content author or developer, you should nowadays always choose the UTF-8 character encoding for your content or data.This character set also supported 256 different character codes.

Because ANSI and ISO-8859-1 were so limited, HTML 4 also supported UTF-8.

But, in principle, UTF-8 is only one of the possible ways of encoding Unicode characters.