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17-Jul-2017 22:00

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I may be one of the more boring spankos around when it comes to my fantasy life.I’m not one to get fancy or have a lot of dialogue/phrases that are important to me.

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Then he goes back to spanking me and I go back to kicking and squealing.

That’s all fine and good but I had other plans for those lovelies.

They have self-adhesive backing which makes them easy to stick together and make a heavy duty paddle.

I do like a little costume play or dressing up for the occasion, if that counts.

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Ich würde dich sehr gerne kennenlernen englisch

But then, I’m a woman and we do like our clothes and accessories.

It’s not stiff like a wooden paddle and it’s flat so it’s important to get that part right. Once they were a matching set, I removed the paper backing, lined the two sides up with the sticky sides facing each other, and carefully stuck them together. My very own rubber tread paddle made with my very own crafty hands.