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09-Aug-2017 17:45

Most HPTs can accurately detect pregnancy one week after a missed period.

Also, testing your urine first thing in the morning may boost the accuracy.

Group B streptococcus is a bacteria that around a fifth of British women carry in their vagina.

Most of the time it’s completely harmless and carriers usually don’t even know they have it.

There is no evidence to suggest that waiting a few cycles after stopping oral contraceptives "the pill" will lead to better pregnancy outcomes.

This involves going along to your local laboratoire every month to pee in a tiny, tiny sample jar, then be poked with needles.

Roddick claimed the two were just "Tour buddies," but that didn't stop the speculation.… continue reading »

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Couples compete amongst themselves by assigning each other sexually charged tasks that earn points and advance you to higher levels when completed.… continue reading »

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