Fun teen dating games

02-Aug-2017 06:34

Everyone who HAS done this before must give up one of their pennies.

Then it’s the next person’s turn to make a “never have I ever” statement.

Tween / Teen Truth or Dare Questions ~ DARES -Eat a spoon full of mustard-Eat a pudding cup without using your hands.-Eat a mouthful of crackers and then try and whistle.-Draw a fake mustache on your face-Draw a face on your stomach and make it go around and tell every person in the room to have a nice day.-Create a short poem or rap on wedgies and tell it to the group.-Come up with a cutesy pet name for everyone in the group-Call a friend and talk about how excited you are about this week’s peanut butter sale.-Call a friend and pretend you think it’s their birthday today.

Sing happy birthday to them.-Burp out your full name.

-Bite into a lemon slice.-Audition for the lead role in a movie based on the person’s life to your right. -Act like a dog and fetch something nearby with your mouth and drop it in the player to your rights lap.-“Bark” out your favorite Christmas carol -Stuff marshmallows in your mouth and sing “twinkle twinkle little star” -Stick jelly between all your toes and leave it there for 20 minutes.

Keep it there at least an hour.-Using just your hand, make out with another person’s hand for one minute. Jack gives her either a dare to complete or a truth to answer.

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