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The beech forests of northern Spain are a spectacular sight as fall approaches, turning from deep green to myriad shades of gold and ochre.

But other areas of the country also offer a last hurrah before winter sets in: the chestnut woodlands of Extremadura, wild mushrooms in the hills of Huelva, in western Andalusia, and herds of wild deer roaming just an hour’s drive from Madrid.

The 4.6-kilometer walk is well signposted, and the forest includes different species of beech, oak, and ash, along with boletus mushrooms.

Peñalabra, Pacho, and the Parador’s own restaurant, all take part in a month-long festival of mushroom-based gastronomy throughout October and November.

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The perfect plan for autumn: walk up to the Peña de Arias Montano peak, and then walk through the chestnut forests to the delightful village of Castaño de Robledo.

La senda de las Carboneras is a former charcoal burner’s trail that runs through nearby ancient oak forests, while the Molino a Molino runs alongside the Jarama river, which is lined with oaks, willows, poplars, aspen and birch trees.

A good place to eat and stay the night is Casa Aldaba, which at this time of the year offers poached eggs with boletus, followed by a tart made with locally grown pear apples.

royal family used to spend summer in the palace of La Granja to enjoy its cool evenings and mountain air, but the gardens here really come into their own in autumn, when its 70,000 trees of all species and 30 kilometers of carefully pruned hedges cover every shade of yellow and gold, through to deep bronze.

Wild mushrooms can be found in the nearby pine forests of Valsaín. Ribeira Sacra (Sacred Riverbank), is a route along the Sil and Miño rivers that takes its name from the many monasteries that once flourished in this remote area.