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14-Sep-2017 18:09

Yesterday he started to eat a little by himself, and I still have to hand feed his super nutrient mix, which neither of us likes to do !!!

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We enjoyed him for a week or so before the Avalon super e-mailed to say that his crowing was keeping their residents up at night and that they were going to call the ASPCA. I had e-mailed our gardeners to warn them about the ASPCA, so I’m guessing one of them (not me) took the initiative of moving him to MK over the fence. P From: d Subject: Re: Rooster in the Garden Date: December 8, 2009 PM EST i’m with the avalon, insofar as i don’t like the idea of a rooster crowing under my window, but so far i haven’t heard him (so it may not effect me) – i can see where neighbors might object, though, and i ask everybody to consider if we want to add unnecessarily to the noise of an already noisy neighborhood – who wants to be a nuisance and for what?It reminded me of my teenage years living in Virginia and sparked memories of being happy and safe in my parents home far far away from the crack epidemic and violence that were plaguing my new (to me) neighborhood.I had no problem falling back to sleep, although I was a lot younger then.Noone else seemed to know much about how to deal with a sick rooster, how much to feed him, etc. Long story but apparently you give them food and water for two days while they are locked in, so they get the feel of it. B, Bu and I waited until it had flown off- each wishing that we had a camera with us to document this gorgeous bird. I’d like to ask all dog owners to keep their dogs on leashes and leashes firmly held to avoid any more stress on our new garden inhabitants.

More later, have a nice day everyone, Kind regards, E H Subject: Garden wildlife From: kw Date: September 30, 2009 PM EDT hi all, just fyi we have a possum in the garden. According to my neighbor (who will bring chicken feed down soon) they become very tame and will come when called. I know that a while ago I wanted chickens, but I promise, I didn’t bring these here. Thanks, MM From: P Subject: RE: Rooster in the Garden Date: December 8, 2009 PM EST MM’s correct about dogs; we found the rooster would always run for cover when they were walked through.I was telling him about the big chicken kerfluffle in the garden when, lo and behold, there was the rooster, on the lam on the sidewalk.