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17-Nov-2017 00:29

Men, however, seem to want sex all the time, and if they don’t get it, they become frustrated,’ says Tina, an administrator from Essex. Hakim says this is partly down to couples starting a family; bearing and bringing up children diverts a woman’s attention and frequently causes a decline in her sexual desire.

Young women found themselves under pressure to have sex to prove they were ‘normal’, and it soon became acceptable for them to be as sexually experienced as men.It is Hakim’s belief that few people dare to challenge the feminist assumption that female sexuality has flourished after being repressed for centuries.She argues that it has reached the point where admitting you are celibate is akin to confessing you have an embarrassing disease.Tina Jones, 39, agrees that there is a fundamental difference between men and women.

It turns out that sexual stereotypes have some basis in fact, Surveys confirm that hot-blooded people in the Mediterranean countries are more sexually active than thoser living in colder Nothern Europe.

But despite the sexual revolution, there is no shortage of convincing evidence that women experience lower levels of sexual desire than men.